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Organicism Farms and Foods is excited to be offering tickets to select events online via this website.  Check back often for the opportunity to buy tickets to our upcoming events!

rWe also make jams, jellies, and printed merchandise which is available to ship.  FREE SHIPPING is included in the price of all of our items.  Our jellies and jams are made with only the freshest Certified Naturally Grown produce, straight off of our farm in Tennessee.


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About Us

Organicism Farms and Foods isn't just an ordinary catering company from Knoxville, Tennessee.  We happen to do some the tastiest, most innovative catering in our region!  Whether it be catering for weddings, special events, tail gating, craft services, business lunches, fundraisers, holiday parties, anniversaries or box lunches we can do it all. 


At Organicism Farms and Foods, we focus on the food by using the best local and organic ingredients from all over our region!  Since starting our own farm five years ago, Organicism has been heavily involved in the local food scene.  We have perfected growing food, cooking food, and now we want to share our experience with you!  If you need catering in the Knoxville area, please send us an email and we promise that we'll make your event unforgettable!



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