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Behind the Food

Jessica Hammonds and Ryan Carden started Organicism Farms back in 2009 after spending several years in the organic food industry.  With Jessica’s green thumb and Ryan’s experience in the business world, they launched a new type of organic farm unlike anything else in East Tennessee.  With the addition of Jody Marchant and an evolved focus on preparing food with local ingredients, Organicism Farms and Foods is excited about the future!




Jessica Hammonds - Jessica’s love for cooking stems from her even greater love, eating.  When not farming she spends her time cooking as a personal chef for clients around town, dreaming of new recipes, and/or BBQing anything within arms grasp.  Her knowledge of growing and her ability to procure some of the most amazing ingredients that our region offers are just some of the skills that she brings to the table.



Jody Marchant - For a young lady only in her 20s Jody’s experience and expertise in the culinary world is way beyond her years.  After a stint as lead baker at Knoxville’s own The Tomato Head she decided to forge her own path.  She was a partner The Night Owl Cafe, Knoxville’s first restaurant devoted to cuisine inspired by local ingredients.  Although The Night Owl no longer remains, Jody’s cooking is going to live on in Knoxville with Organicism Farms and Foods.



Ryan Carden - Ryan is a true renaissance man in every aspect of the description.  Whether it’s refining recipes for your next meal, designing menus, or finding an unforgettable location for your event, Ryan has his hands in a little bit of everything.  His background in business and love of planning and efficiency make him a perfect yin to Jessica and Jody’s yang.  When not tying up loose strings, Ryan can be found hard at work designing the farm’s website and accompanying promotional materials.


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About Us

Organicism Farms and Foods isn't just an ordinary catering company from Knoxville, Tennessee.  We happen to do some the tastiest, most innovative catering in our region!  Whether it be catering for weddings, special events, tail gating, craft services, business lunches, fundraisers, holiday parties, anniversaries or box lunches we can do it all. 


At Organicism Farms and Foods, we focus on the food by using the best local and organic ingredients from all over our region!  Since starting our own farm five years ago, Organicism has been heavily involved in the local food scene.  We have perfected growing food, cooking food, and now we want to share our experience with you!  If you need catering in the Knoxville area, please send us an email and we promise that we'll make your event unforgettable!



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